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Diet Recipes & Plans: glossary of terms

Here are the explanations of the terminology used in the application Diet Recipes & Plans.

Basal metabolic rate

Here you can select your basal metabolic rate (BMR). BMR is the amount of energy expended by an awake subject under normal temperature conditions, while being in a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.
An adult’s BMR is therefore determined by weight and body composition, as well as by age and gender. Men tend to have more lean body mass than women. As we age, a gradual loss of lean body mass occurs, in men as well in women, while body fat increases. As a consequence, BMR is higher in women and lower in men, it decreases with age, and finally, it’s higher in overweight people than in slim people.


Build is determined by detecting one’s skeletal diameters and comparing them to the diameters of reference population. These measurements – which lead to a classification of individuals into three categories (slim build, average build, sturdy build) – are usually taken at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip or knee.
For example, you can determine your build by measuring your right elbow breadth with a sliding caliper.
A right elbow breadth between 6,9 and 7,6 cm for a man and between 5,9 and 6,6 cm for a woman are average build. Lesser right elbow breadth are considered slim and grater breadth are considered sturdy.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement that requires energy expenditure. Everyday activities such as doing housework, walking or practicing sport are all examples of physical activity. This parameter encompasses activities specifically intended for health and fitness improvement, as well as activities not intended for such aims. It doesn’t encompass work activity, which is included in the next parameter.


While working, men expend energy for the dynamic activity of their bodies.
“Sedentary” job: few or no physical movement required (office or administrative jobs).
“Normal” job: housework-like physical activity, such as getting up from a chair many times, walking (or running) short-distances, lifting weights, bending legs.
“Active” job: intense physical activity for most of the working hours (this is the choice for whoever does a job which require strenuous physical activity, like bricklayer, laborer, warehouse worker ad so on).

Diet intensity

This parameter refers to the effectiveness of the diet over time.
By choosing a low intensity diet, the diet will last longer, while choosing a high intensity diet, the diet will be stricter, but will also be shorter.

Diet types

Diet is defined as the sum of food and drink that humans or animals usually consume for their nutrition.
There are different kinds of diet, which can be useful to lose, or on rare occasions gain, weight. Knowing the various types of diet is useful for learning the benefits of each diet, and for choosing the right one for us.

Mediterranean diet

Among the various diets, Mediterranean diet is the most famous, and according to professional nutritionists, the most balanced one. Different foods are allowed: bread, pasta, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, oil and wine. Many are the benefits of Mediterranean diet: it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and tumors, protects against autoimmune diseases, and generally it can enhance and extend life years.

Vegetarian diet

Among the various diets, this one isn’t really a weight-loss diet, but rather a diet linked to cultural and ideological factors. Foods allowed in Vegetarian diet are vegetable products as well as dairy products, which contain fundamental proteins.

Zone diet

Zone diet is a diet designed to keep the production of insulin in a “zone” neither too high nor too low. This diet is based on the concept of “balance” and “moderation” of foods, which are to be taken according to a macronutrient distribution of 40-30-30 ratio (40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, 30% fats). The diet involves appropriate physical activity and daily monitoring of stress.

Dissociated diet

This diet is based on a strict food regime, in which the combination of certain foods in the same meal, or within the same day, is prohibited.
In the same meal, for example, you should only eat one single food, or more foods “compatible” with each other (these foods usually fall in the same category); you should not associate in the same meal protein-rich foods with carbohydrate based foods, especially high-sugar foods.
Also, while following a Dissociated diet you should not combine protein sources of different kinds (e.g. meat and fish, or legumes and dairy products).

Diet Recipes & Plans

“Diet Recipes & Plans” is a low-calorie diet (or high-calorie diet), which include all kinds of food, without following any complicated rule (as is the case of other types of diet).

Number of meals

Here you can select the number of meals per day you want to have, based on your free time.

Goal weight

This is the ideal weight you want to reach by following the diet.
By choosing this option, you won’t be able to choose diet duration, as it will be calculated according to the entered goal weight.

Diet duration

It’s the total duration of the diet (in weeks).
By choosing this option, you won’t be able to select a goal weight, as it will be calculated (ideal weight) according to the parameters of the profile and diet duration.

Favorite foods

These are the foods you like the most.
By selecting a food, this will appear often (compared to other foods) in the meals.

Disliked foods

These are foods you don’t like much.
By choosing a food, this will appear in the meals less frequently than other foods.


By selecting the ingredients you suffer allergenic disease from, these will never appear in the diet. With this option, you can select the foods you want to completely exclude from the diet, even if you’re not allergic to them.

Check up

Every week, you can do a weight check. The value will be entered in a graph, so you can monitor the progress of your diet, and compare it with the “ideal” course.