Diet Recipes & Plans for iOS  |  Diet Recipes & Plans for Android

Diet Recipes & Plans: the app to loose wheight the simple way

“Diet Recipes & Plans” is an app which let you create your customized diet in a fast and simple way, based on the prescriptions of professional nutritionists.

Many options available :

  • Completely customizable
  • Different kinds of diet selectable
  • Infinite food combinations available
  • weekly check of achieved progress
  • food library

Diet Recipes & Plans is a free application that allows you to calculate a diet suitable for everyone to reach their ideal weight.
If you let yourself go and you want to reach your ideal weight without getting prepared a tailor-made diet from a dietitian, with Diet Recipes & Plans will be very simple, just download the app on your iPhone or iPad, enter your details and you're done. The diet that will be calculated will follow the settings chosen by you and will provide you with day-to-day recipes best suited to bring the perfect fit. Each meal suggested by the application will be a real treat and if the meal shouldn't be to your liking Diet Recipes & Plans will allow you to recalculate the meal without any problem.